If you love working with horses, respect their nature and wish to learn from them;
If spending your time in the stable and in the mountains makes sense to you;
If riding adventures inspire you;
We will welcome you as being part of our team and can offer you:
An active holiday and the opportunity to work with us around the horses, doing the stablework, grooming, mucking, cleaning tack, training horses and riding every day.
Basic Accommodation: A room provided with TV and wifi, shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Use of washing machine once a week.
Luxury accommodation: In our pent house apartment in the village of Competa which is light, refurbished with large spaces comprises: 
2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes.
Bathroom with shower.
Kitchen equipped with dining table, refrigerator, freezer, oven, stove, microwave and dishwasher.
Big lounge with TV and exit to the balcony
90m2 roofterrace with with covered sitting area and a dining area, barbecue and sunbeds.
There is aircon in the lounge and the bedrooms and sun ventilation in the lounge.
Comsumption of electricity price: 0,30€/kwh
Your working holiday is on selfcatering basis where you cook for yourself. You can always get a lift to go shopping.

On all working holidays we will make a program for your stay, taking into consideration your working- and riding skills.

Prices for accommodation
A room in
the stable
A room in our
1 week 200€ 250€
2 weeks 250€ 350€
3 weeks 350€ 450€
4 weeks 450€ 550€
Assigned Horse - 200€/week 
Riding 6 days 
Transfer from the airport of Malaga: By taxi 75€.
Bus fare Malaga/Canillas de Albaida costs appr. 9€.
Days off:
You have one day off a week
Around the stable we speak Spanish, English and Danish.
You need a valid health- and accident insurance.
If you suffer from any disease, allergy, diabetes, post operation or handicap, we will need to know before hand.
This information does not mean, that you are excluded, on the contrary, to get the best out of your holiday, we wish to plan for everything.

A typical working day can look like this 

06.30 Bringing in the horses and feeding
08.00 Riding out, training, cleaning tack, cleaning the stable area
13.30 Feeding the horses
14.00 Siesta, lunch and rest time
17.00 Feeding hay
18.00 Rides out, training
20.00 Feeding horses, turning out, mucking out
The working day ends in the stable
08.00 Feeding the horses
09.30 Turning out, mucking out, cleaning the stable area
10.30 Training, riding
14.00 Siesta - lunch time for horses and staff
16.00 Training, riding
18.00 Feeding the horses, the working day in the stable ends
21.00 Hay for the night

At present we can accommodate 2 persons in the stable at the time, and 4 persons in the penthouse.
We look forward to hear from you.

Eva Maria Sigvardt
Living Room penthouse